If you are interested in term, volume or other contracts of art design and work, please contact me in order to sort out availability, details and pricing.

Examples would include:

-Logo Design

-Website theme Design

-High Volume art pieces

-Long term art contracts

-Tee Shirt or button Design


-Children's book or bedroom art themes

-Lessons or Tutorials


Please understand that there is some content I am not comfortable doing. Such as erotica or religiously offensive materials. Please inquire with me, however, if you are concerned!


For all other personal projects and art pricing, please go here.


News Updates

New Web comic!?

Yes! It's a work in progress, COMPLETELY, but I'm terribly excited for it. It's going to be the birth of a brain child I've had forever. It's something I've started 3 times, never gotten to any place useful, and now more than ever I'm on fire for it. Look forward to it, please! I hope you'll support it by reading it!

Teaching Art & Pixel Fun!

I know, it's been forever. I'm still at it! Though a lot of my career is dedicated to music right now, I'm enjoying teaching another 8 week course at Two Rivers Gallery for Anime & Manga drawing. I'm also trying my hand at pixel art right now, which is amusing for me. I love control and details in my work, so it's helping to teach me to let go! Hopefully soon the Fate Cthulhu book will be out, and then I can show you that work too. 

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