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Latest Artwork

  • Red Moon Cover Book 1
  • Upload date:
    Tuesday, July 18 2017
  • Thirteenth Age Colored
  • Upload date:
    Sunday, May 08 2016
  • Thirteenth Age
  • Upload date:
    Sunday, May 08 2016
  • Book & Saphire (Color)
  • Upload date:
    Tuesday, April 26 2016
  • Book & Saphire
  • Upload date:
    Tuesday, April 26 2016
  • Black mercy
  • Upload date:
    Thursday, April 14 2016

Favored Galleries

Busy with Art!

There might not have been a lot of updates from me! That's mostly because the work I've done in the last bit I can't share until it's published! Specifically work for FATE Core & Accelerated! As soon as the books released, I'll post some images! I hope to also be able to update with my new Storium art soon. Interested in unique story driven gaming? Give Storium a look! I'm also doing more work for Northern Health Authority, so stay tuned!


News Updates

New Web comic!?

Yes! It's a work in progress, COMPLETELY, but I'm terribly excited for it. It's going to be the birth of a brain child I've had forever. It's something I've started 3 times, never gotten to any place useful, and now more than ever I'm on fire for it. Look forward to it, please! I hope you'll support it by reading it!

Teaching Art & Pixel Fun!

I know, it's been forever. I'm still at it! Though a lot of my career is dedicated to music right now, I'm enjoying teaching another 8 week course at Two Rivers Gallery for Anime & Manga drawing. I'm also trying my hand at pixel art right now, which is amusing for me. I love control and details in my work, so it's helping to teach me to let go! Hopefully soon the Fate Cthulhu book will be out, and then I can show you that work too. 

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